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PG. 8
Each mattress is handcrafted using only the finest raw materials,
as quality is the key factor to the team. No corners are cut when
procuring, as only the best will do. We aim to produce the most
comfortable mattresses, which takes skill and determination to blend
the right materials for success.
All of our mattresses come offered with a 10 year
Warranty which will cover manufacturing defects,
while selected ranges are offered with a full 8
Year Guarantee.
Chrome Vents and Flag Stitched Handles feature on a number of our
mattresses, offering air flow keeping it fresh and odour free, while the
handles help when needing to turn and rotate the mattress.
Strong and durable, cotton is a naturally
soft fibre providing great comfort and
support. Often found in the top layers of a
mattress to give an overall softer feel to the
surface and a more comfortable sleep.
PG. 8