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This wonderful natural material
offers moisture control and comfort,
helping to create a cooler, fresher
sleeping environment.
Adapting to body shape and
movement as you sleep, latex is
an elastic, responsive and natural
material, offering excellent comfort
and durability. Its natural breath-
ability helps to regulate body
temperature all night long.
The most premium and luxurious
of our materials, Alpaca is soft to
the touch thanks to its extremely
fine fibres. The perfect material for
allergy sufferers, Alpaca fibres do not
naturally harbour allergens.
Strong and durable, cotton is a
naturally soft fibre providing great
comfort and support. Often found in
the top layers of a mattress to give
an overall softer feel to the surface
and a more comfortable sleep.
Used to add layers of comfort, luxury
fibre has good recovery properties,
allowing your mattress to bounce
Cashmere adds an extra bit of
luxury to our mattresses thanks to
its extraordinary softness. Its finer
fibres offer a more luxurious feel
whilst absorbing moisture to keep
you cool and dry night after night.
Designed to give support and
comfort, each encased in its own
pocket. Every spring adjusts to the
shape of your body and helps to
prevent `roll together'.
With its soft feel, breath-ability and
durability, wool provides that extra
layer of comfort whilst regulating the
body temperature. Being a natural
filling, no harmful chemicals are
required making it anti-allergenic.
A comfortable mattress is key to a good night's sleep, but everyone is unique and therefore we believe offering a choice to suit different
preferences is important one mattress does not suit all! We select only high quality raw materials, carefully combining different fillings to
achieve the desired feel to each mattress.